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  • Yamaha Ships The PSR-E413 Portable Keyboard

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    The PSR-E413 portable keyboard is the newest option from Yamaha for all types of players from the beginner to the professional. As a replacement for model PSR-E403, the PSR-E413 offers several innovative features. In addition to two keyboard education tools, the Yamaha Portable Grand and Yamaha Education Suite, the Sound Control Knobs and five types of Master EQ allow users the ability to tweak and tailor sounds and effects, while the Arpeggiator, which offered 50 choices on the previous unit, will provide 100 different patterns and beats.

    "The Yamaha PSR-E413 is a 61-key unit with innovative features for learning to play, like the Yamaha Portable Grand and Yamaha Education Suite, and features for when it's time to play, including sound control knobs for real time control over effects, filters, EQ, tempo and 100 different Arpeggiator patterns," said Mark Anderson, marketing manager, Portable Keyboards.

    The PSR-E413 also includes USB connectivity, allowing for the transfer of songs and styles between the instrument and a computer. This can be used for educational purposes or for musicians to play along with pieces that are downloaded into the unit. For aspiring music artists, recording original pieces is quick and simple with the six-track/five-song capacity onboard sequencer.

    And, with Yamaha's Performance Assistant technology, anyone can play a song — even novices. When the keys are struck in time with the music, the notes are corrected to match chords of the song being played. No matter what keys are hit on the keyboard, the correct notes will play.

    The PSR-E413 (MSRP: $399.99) is available now.



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