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  • Yamaha Introduces The Brand-New P-121 Digital Piano

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    Yamaha Introduces The Brand-New P-121 Digital Piano





    We are pleased to introduce you to a brand new digital piano – the first 73-key, weighted-action digital piano from Yamaha – the P-121!


    Most digital pianos are designed with 88 keys, just like the keyboard of an acoustic piano. Some players don’t need this full range and would be happier with something smaller and more portable that still feels and sounds like an acoustic piano. The P-121 was designed with easy transport and space-saving in mind, without any sacrifice in sound quality and feel.


    Featuring the sound of the renowned Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano, and the legendary Yamaha Graded Hammer Standard keyboard action, you’ll feel like you’re playing an acoustic piano. With 24 instrument Voices you can explore your creativity and add unique character to your compositions or performances. If you’re playing with a partner, simply engage Duo Mode to split the keyboard into two halves, each with their own middle C! If you have an iOS device, you can download the free Smart Pianist app, turning your smart device into an intuitive user interface that makes selecting Voices and configuring settings even easier. Smart Pianist also uses Audio to Chord technology to analyze the songs in your smart device’s music library and display the chords so you can jam along with recordings from your favorite artists.


    The compact design of the P-121 makes it an ideal digital piano to take out for coffee house gigs, or to fit into a college dorm room. Weighing in at just 22lbs, it’s easy to put this digital piano into its custom-fitted soft case, the SC-KB750, and carry it with you wherever you want to make music. It even fits in the trunk of most cars. If you prefer to use your P-121 at home, you can accessorize it with a matching wooden furniture stand (L121), and a grand piano-like 3-pedal accessory (LP1).
    If you started on a portable keyboard because it was light-weight, and if 61 keys were sufficient at the time, maybe now is the time to consider the most affordable, lightest weighted-key digital piano available on the market – the Yamaha P-121. If you already have a weighted action digital piano for practicing at home, perhaps now is the time to consider something smaller and lighter that you can take with you when you want to play out. Maybe you’re just looking for the perfect gift for the piano student in your life. No matter what your reason, you’ll find that the P-121 is truly a winner!


    The P-121 digital piano will be available in stores in October of 2018. Talk to your authorized Yamaha retailer today!

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