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  • Warneck Research Announces New Products for Vintage Wurlitzer Keyboards

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    Full service vintage keyboard and amplifier repair & restoration company Keyboard Cottage LLC has introduced two new upgrades for Wurlitzer electric piano players.


    The Warneck Research Wurlitzer EP200 replacement amplifier board is designed to faithfully reproduce the sound and characteristics of the original Model 200 amplifier Š only without all the noise. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the new amp employs low noise circuit and layout techniques. When coupled with reed bar shields (included) to minimize 60Hz hum, the performance is unmatched, and it even outperforms fully restored 200A amplifiers. Terminal blocks allow easy installation without the need to solder.


    "We were very fortunate to work with Ken Rich at Ken Rich Sound Services in Los Angeles to further optimize the EQ curve for the Wurlitzer EP200 Amplifier Board," noted Keyboard Cottage president Tim Warneck. "Ken has been working on keyboards since the 70s and is one of the music industry¹s best- kept secrets.  He has done full restorations and provides service for many major artists.


    "We are happy to have the help of Ken's golden ears, experience, and 'no compromises, no excuses' approach to vintage keyboards," says Warneck. "Ken wholeheartedly endorses the new amp and is already using it for professional touring rigs as well as in recording studios ­ several units have been in the field with touring musicians and recording studios for over the last two years without any issues."


    The Warneck Research Wurlitzer EP200 Amplifier Board features include faithful reproduction of the EQ curve and sound shaping characteristics of a properly restored original 200 series amplifier; authentic vibrato; very low noise; an improved power amplifier; user-selectable variable or fixed line-out configuration; drop-in replacement and solder-free installation. Suggested retail price for Keyboard Cottage's Wurlitzer EP200 Amplifier Board is $379.  Production units will begin shipping in June 2010.


    Designed to work with the new Warneck Research Wurlitzer EP200 Amplifier Board as well as with the stock Wurlitzer 200A amplifier, the Warneck Research VariVib Variable Speed Vibrato Upgrade features reproduction of the original style vibrato waveform, linear variable speed control (approx. 1Hz to 15Hz), and simple 3-wire installation.  Included with the VariVib are a mounting bracket, new mirror-finish faceplate, and knob. A result of the ongoing collaboration between Rich and Warneck, the VariVib Upgrade has a suggested retail price of $199.


    Artists using Warneck Research products include Adam MacDougall of Black Crowes (pictured), Lenny Kravitz, Benmont Tench, George Duke, Counting Crows, Roger Manning (Moog Cookbook), Jamie Muhoberac (Dave Matthews, Rob Cavallo), and Stone Temple Pilots (Eric Kretz).



    For more information, please contact Keyboard Cottage, LLC (Warneck Research) online at http://www.keyboardcottage.com/

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