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  • Waldorf Music Announces STVC String Synthesizer and Vocoder

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    Melville, NY–January 10th, 2018–

    Waldorf, the popular synthesizer and software company, has justannounced theStreichfett Keyboard, a brand-new string synthesizer and vocoder. This model takesWaldorf’s Streichfett String Synthesizer, popular for its unique vintage-styled strings, and adds a tremendousamount of new features, taking the Streichfett engine to new levels of performability and sonic diversity.


    The STVC is an all-new keyboard, featuring a full 49 velocity sensitive keys with aftertouch, pitch bend andmod wheel in a full metal case, with a gorgeous OLED display. The display helps users access the 126programmable patches in three banks, something all-new just for the Streichfett Keyboard.“The Streichfett module has long been admired for its amazing sound quality, flexibility, and simplicity in thecreation and exploration of synthesized strings, as well as many other textures,” states James Sajeva, Directorof Music Technology Brands at Korg, USA, Inc. “This all-new full size keyboard version, with even more powerand features, is a very exciting and unique addition to the Waldorf line!”


    In addition to the engine enhancements, the STVC adds an all-new Vocoder function to the Streichfett. Housed in the same durable chassis, the Vocoder features excellent speech intelligibility, with freeze mode, a fully polyphonic carrier, gender modification, morphing, and effects like phaser and reverb.


    The STVC will make its world-wide debut at WNAMM 2018 at the Korg USA booth, Hall B, #8802. Formore information, visit




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