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  • Vstdev.com Announces Absolute Bösendorfer Piano v3.0 VSTi Plug-In

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    Vstdev.com has announced the immediate release of the Absolute Bösendorfer Piano.

    The Absolute Piano exploits the plug-in concept by adding specific and innovative possibilities. With its filters you can sculpt the piano timber and produce a large number a piano sounds from the same base. Everything is specifically designed to manipulate and play piano sounds.

    "This piano has been sampled from a huge Bösendorfer 280. It has a very specific shimmering sound," said Nicolas Choukroun the owner of VSTDEV.com. "I've removed most of the 'simulation' options, as they were taking too much processor resources. Now the simulation has been limited to the pedal sound for classical piano. It speeds up the sample playback by 2."

    The New sound bank comes from the new pianos recorded this summer. We used ADK TC microphones with ART Pro Channel valve pream to get the warmest sound. The piano sound is deeply compressed (lossless) to be small (350MB only). The compression is not audible.

    The reverb has been enhanced; it is now as good as any professional one. Also there are 2 vu-meters for left and right precise view instead of one for the mix of the two channels in V2. The interface is clearer; the license is displayed on the main surface.

    System Requirements:

    • 500 Mb Free Hard Disc Space
    • Windows XP
    • P III/Athlon 1.7G
    • 768 Mb RAM
    • A fast processor and up to 1 GB of free RAM are recommended to optimize the performance of this sound module



    • WIN - VST®2.0
    • DXi2™
    • ASIO™
    • MME™
    • Direct Sound™
    • ASIO™
      • Cubase, and all VSTi applications all VST Hosts
      • Stand alone XP version with the help of SAVIHOST


    The Absolute Piano is available for 49 EUR.

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