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  • UVI Soundsource Announces "Baby Grand Piano" Sample Library

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    UVI SOUNDSOURCE introduces BABY GRAND PIANO. " We are proud to introduce a new beautiful sounding piano for an incredible price, this 6 GB library brings up a very unique and rare instrument with an exceptionally warm and emotional sound, something hard to find with old pianos." said Alain Etchart, Founder and Director of Marketing at Univers Sons / UVI Soundsource " After the success of our UVI SoundPack Acoustic Grand Piano, we felt it was time to come up with something slightly different. So back in the road we were looking for a piano with sound and history. We did visit a serious amount of ancient piano addicts. As for the Acoustic Grand Piano, the alchemy is not easy to find, and we did try several models and places until we found the right one. During our investigation we fell in love with a gorgeous baby grand piano built in 1930 by the manufacturer Erard. This is one of the "smallest grand piano" ever built, and it sounds incredibly large in regard to its size." " This time, to capture the heart of this lovely piece of musical instrument history, we didn't bring the piano to a big studio, but came up with our own gear to record the piano in place. As usual, our gear consisted in extremely good microphones, excellent sounding mic pre and insanely good analog to digital converters. Every single note was carefully multi-sampled in multiple (up to 8) velocity levels; we did also introduce a new special technique to capture the true sound when playing with the sustain pedal, to add another level of realism. Thanks to the UVI Engine advanced keygroup layers and rule switching, the sustain pedal and release samples perform and "feel" like a real piano." "Once again, we are very glad, for the result is a soulful sounding piano, full of history and true musicality." BABY GRAND PIANO is available now for $69 as digital download and is compatible with every configuration thanks to the free UVI Workstation. It's also fully compatible with MOTU BPM, Beat Production Machine.

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