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  • Upright Piano Upgrades

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    In today's market just making a standard stencil piano is not enough. With so many companies opening up every day claiming they know pianos, it may seem hard to choose. But Sejung has decided it's time to move away from "just another piano" by taking their production up to the next level.

    According to Peter Hong, ASC President, this new series of uprights represents another giant step forward in core piano technology. The frames have been upgraded with Agraffe, solid maple bridge plates, upgraded hammers to FFW German felt, The frames and actions bolts are all now gold plated and to improve the tone the soundboards are now imported solid Ciresa spruce.

    "These impressive new pianos provide upscale value at affordable prices," said Hong. "The high quality and superb workmanship of each and every instrument highlights our steadfast commitment to innovation and continuous manufacturing excellence."

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