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  • Sequential Ships Prophet XL 76-Key Samples-Plus-Synthesis Poly Synth

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    Sequential Ships Prophet XL 76-Key Samples-Plus-Synthesis Poly Synth


    Instrument Features 2.0 OS with Expanded Polyphony, New Loop, Modulation, and Effect Options  


    San Francisco, CA—Nov 16, 2018—Sequential today announced that the Prophet XL — a 76-key version of their flagship Prophet X samples-plus-synthesis hybrid synth — is now shipping. The instrument debuts a 2.0 version of the OS for both the Prophet XL and Prophet X that adds significant new features including 32-voice performance mode, forward/backward sample looping, new modulation destinations (Hack, Decimate, and instrument playback delay), a new Ring Mod effect, and several other enhancements.


    The Prophet XL boasts the same powerful combination of high-fidelity samples from 8Dio and full synthesis capabilities that has earned its 5-octave sibling, the Prophet X, critical acclaim — but makes the concept even more compelling for studio and stage by adding a semi-weighted-action, 76-key, premium-quality Fatar keybed. 


    At the heart of both the Prophet XL and the Prophet X is a sound engine that powers two simultaneous 16-bit, 48kHz sample-based instruments plus two high-resolution digital oscillators with waveshape modulation — all processed through analog filters. In standard performance mode, the instrument provides bi-timbral, 8-voice stereo, or 16-voice mono operation. 32-voice performance mode, which is a feature of the new 2.0 OS, allows paraphonic filter operation when using a single sampled instrument and oscillator.


    Dave Smith commented: “We designed the Prophet XL for musicians who wanted more of a good thing. By adding an extended, semi-weighted action keyboard and enabling 32-voice performance mode, we’ve made it even more satisfying to play the acoustic and electric pianos and other instruments where increased polyphony is crucial. Of course 32-voice mode is also enabled on the Prophet X with OS 2.0, so all of our users benefit.”   


    Sample content for the Prophet X series was created by sound developers 8Dio, known for pioneering “deep sampling.” Regarding the new instrument, 8Dio co-founder Troels Folmann said: “For us, it’s all about giving musicians the best tools to express themselves. The Prophet XL is a great enhancement of the original Prophet X concept. More keys and more voices means more room to explore and create.” 


    The 150 GB sample library in the Prophet XL and Prophet X includes numerous acoustic and electronic instruments as well as an extensive collection of ambient and cinematic effects. Users can shape the samples through loop manipulation, sample stretching, and the synthesizer’s many sound-sculpting functions which include 4 envelope generators, 4 LFOs, a deep modulation matrix, and other tools. The Prophet XL and Prophet X also provide 50 gigabytes of internal storage for importing additional samples. Additional sample expansion packs are available from 8Dio. Support for user-created sample content is scheduled for December, 2018.


    The Prophet XL is available now with a MAP of $4,399.


    Version 2.0 of the Prophet X/XL OS can be downloaded from the Support page of the Sequential website.





    About Sequential

    Originally launched in 2002 as Dave Smith Instruments, Sequential is helmed by legendary musical instrument designer and Grammy® award winner Dave Smith. Dave’s many accomplishments include the creation of the Prophet-5—the world’s first fully programmable polyphonic synthesizer—and his legacy as the primary driving force behind MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).


    The company’s products are used by an ever-growing roster of well-known musicians and are available from music retailers worldwide. Instruments include the Prophet-6, OB-6, Prophet Rev2, and the Tempest analog drum machine. Sequential is based in San Francisco, where its instruments are also manufactured. Visit www.sequential.com.


    About 8Dio

    Founded in 2011 by Troels Folmann and Tawnia Knox, 8Dio is the leading independent developer of software instruments and the inventors of deep-sampling. Troels is an Academy Award, TEC/Mix Foundation, GANG and D3 award-winning composer and Ph.D scholar in music technologies. Tawnia is the CEO of 8Dio Productions and has had a long career as an executive in luxury brands. 


    8Dio has created an extensive, deep-sampled catalog of advanced instruments based on literally millions of samples. Notable titles include Majestica - the largest symphony orchestra ever sampled, Epic Taiko EnsemblesTitanic ChoirsCinematic Scoring Tools, and over 250 other instruments. 8Dio products are used by high-profile artists, composers, and top music producers in all genres. They are featured in a majority of current blockbuster movies, independent films, video games, TV-shows, Broadway productions, and the professional sports industry. For more information, visit www.8dio.com.



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