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  • Prophet X Boasts New OS And Robust Third-Party Support

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    San Francisco, CA—Feb 13, 2020—Sequential today announced several developments that have enhanced their flagship hybrid samples+synthesis keyboard, the Prophet X. These include a new OS, two full-featured third-party sample editing applications, and several add-on sample libraries from 8Dio and other sound developers.

    The new 2.2 OS adds several user-requested features including 24 additional User Sample Groups, support for crossfades on forward-backward loops, and the capability to modulate between tempo-synced LFO values. The new features build on an already-powerful foundation of sound shaping tools and the fusion of samples and synthesis. The new OS is designed for both the Prophet X and Prophet XL and can be downloaded from the Prophet X/ XL support page on Sequential’s website.

    Another significant development for the synthesizer, which supports up to 50 GB of user-created sample content, is the availability of two powerful third-party sample creation/editing tools. The first, PXToolkit, is a free application from developer ThinkerSnacks which offers drag and drop file creation with automatic extraction of pitch and loop metadata from .WAV les, as well as support for multi-sampled instruments, multiple velocity layers per key, and round-robin sample selection and playback. The software can be downloaded free of charge from the ThinkerSnack website.

    The second tool, SAMPLE ROBOT Pro 6.5 from Skylife, brings Prophet X support to their popular and highly- acclaimed auto-sampling and sample editing application. It supports multi-sampled instruments, multiple velocity layers per key and powerful looping and editing tools. The software is available for purchase from Skylife’s website.

    Also noteworthy is the abundance of third-party add-on sample packs that can be imported into the Prophet X
    and manipulated as part of its hybrid sound engine. The most prolific among the various sound developers creating content for the synthesizer is
    8Dio, with eight Prophet X-specific products to date. These include deep-sampled versions of vintage instruments such as the Yamaha CP70, ARP 2600, Oberheim OB-X, Sequential Prophet-5 and T-8, Roland Jupiter 4, and Moog Prodigy and Minimoog Model D synths.

    Add-On packs from other developers include:
    - Replicants
    from Modulatable Synthesis (samples of the Deckard’s Dream poly synth)
    The 9000 Foot Piano from Pianobook (samples of a renowned Yamaha grand piano)
    BlueWave from Goldbaby (samples of the PPG Wave 2.2)
    VCO Pack from ThinkerSnacks VCO samples from the Neutron, OB-6, Dreadbox Erebus, and Moog Voyager)

    “We’re excited about the support that the Prophet X is getting from third-party developers. Clearly they feel, as we do, that it’s a hugely powerful synth with incredible potential,” commented Dave Smith. “Having access to these new editing tools and add-on sample packs makes an already-awesome musical tool even more versatile. ”

    The Prophet X has garnered critical acclaim for its sonic versatility and sound design capabilities through its substantial internal library of 150 GB of sample content as well as its ability to import up to 50 GB of additional user samples and add-on content from sound developers.

    All sample content can be manipulated by the Prophet X sound engine, which powers two simultaneous sample-based instruments plus two high-resolution digital oscillators, with a full complement of traditional synthesis tools, all processed through analog filters. Dual digital effects and a 64-step polyphonic sequencer round out the package. In standard performance mode, the instrument provides bi-timbral, 8-voice stereo, or 16-voice mono operation. Thirty-two-voice performance mode allows paraphonic filter operation when using a single sampled instrument and oscillator.


    Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 3.13.27 PM.png

    The Prophet X Synthesizer


    About Sequential

    Originally launched in 2002 as Dave Smith Instruments, Sequential is helmed by legendary musical instrument designer and Grammy® award winner Dave Smith. Dave’s many accomplishments include the creation of the Prophet-5—the world’s first fully programmable polyphonic synthesizer—and his legacy as the primary driving force behind MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

    The company’s products are used by an ever-growing roster of well-known musicians and are available from music retailers worldwide. Instruments include the Pro 3, Prophet-6, OB-6, Prophet Rev2, and the Tempest analog drum machine. Sequential is based in San Francisco, where its instruments are also assembled. Visit www.sequential.com.

    Disclaimer: All musical instrument manufacturer and product names used in add-on packs are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Sequential LLC.




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