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    New Piano Instruction Software for Windows

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    Learn to Play Piano on Your PC - exciting and fun! New and fantastic, 'Piano Suite' by Adventus Incorporated is a truly innovative product that provides the ideal mix of audio and visual feedback, content, instruction, and entertainment to teach a person of any age how to play the piano. Used in combination with a MIDI keyboard or MIDI controller with a cable that connects to your sound card, Piano Suite is sold as a CR-ROM, or in a CD-ROM/keyboard/cable bundle. Details on this Windows '95 software can be found at www.adventus.com.

    Learn from scratch with Piano Suite. You can play your first piece within hours, and you won't run out of new music to learn (ever). Two years of narrated theory lessons are presented in an interactive format with videos, demos, practice, and theory workbook exercises that are related but fun.

    This product is a dream for both teachers and students. In fact, it was developed by teachers and students. Everyone will enjoy the different images for each piece, the animations, and voice recordings, challenging games, history of important composers and performers, and the selectable instruments.

    Speaking menus allow even young children to use Piano Suite to learn how to play piano. Beginners will enjoy the choice of font sizes, and the ability to choose what part of the piece they are ready to learn. More advanced players will appreciate learning many new pieces in the library of over three hundred music selections which include selections from Boys to Men and the Beatles to Bach and Beethoven.

    The flexibility and power of automatic audio-visual feedback gives the user a sense of ease as they learn each piece. The piano player engine provides the learner with unparalleled guidance during practice that focuses on learning to sight-read music. The beginner method gently guides the player to move to correct notes, and hold them the correct length of time. Advanced evaluation adapts to the difficulty of the piece automatically, and provides detailed information that is stored and reported later on - every error made while playing can be analyzed. The Personal Profile section tracks this evaluation over time, and allows each user to recall their previous practice for each piece!

    In Composer's Corner music can be composed, edited, and stored in a custom library, and can later be printed, and uploaded to the web easily. This allows a student or teacher to record a piece, and save it in a custom library for others to learn using Piano Suite... or one can simply save the recording as a MIDI file.

    The Piano Suite product is now sold as a standalone CD-ROM for $89.99USD or combined with a quality 49 key velocity sensitive keyboard and a 12' MIDI cable for $179.99 USD (shipping and taxes not included )

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