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    NAMM: Hartke Targets Keyboard Players

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    (Click for a close-up of the controls)

    Known for their aluminum cone bass drivers, Hartke has now given the keyboard player some attention.

    Since keyboard players usually go direct into the main PA, it's often a challenge for them to they hear what are playing over the rest of the band. The Guitar player has his amp on 11, the bass player is vibrating the stage, and the drummer needs to lay off the caffeine, meanwhile your begging the soundman to give you more keys in your monitor. The simple solution; give the keyboard player his own controllable sound source on stage, the Hartke KM200.

    Sonically, keyboards and electric basses are similar in many ways according to Hartke. They found that their aluminum cones do for keyboards exactly what the do for bass: Namely pump out crisp, rich tone.

    The KM200 has 200 watts of power driving a classic Hartke 15" aluminum cone driver and a 1" titanium compression driver, enclosed in a kickback design, giving you a full-range 2-way monitoring system.

    For players with multiple keyboards and sound modules an additional mixer isn't needed because the KM200 has one stereo input with 2-band EQ and Mic input, as well as three additional stereo inputs, giving you a total of 4-stereo channels with a 7-band EQ on the master output. Plus you'll have independent control of Local, PA, and headphone monitor mixes.

    The KM200 will have an expected list price of $839.99

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