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    Korg Offers New Rosewood Finish and Color Option for LP-380 Digital Piano

    By HC News |

    MELVILLE, NY, February 21st, 2014 – The Korg LP-380 Digital Piano, popular for its flat-top design and high-quality sound, is now being offered in a new, stylish wood finish, as well as a new color option. The LP-380-RW features a rosewood grain that offers an aesthetic suitable for any living space. The LP-380-BKR features a unique color scheme comprised of a two-tone finish of vivid red and chick black. It’s being offered in addition to existing solid color options (red, black and white).


    Just over ten inches in depth, the LP-380 is slim enough to fit anywhere. The soft-fall, wooden key cover is flat on top, allowing the instrument to blend elegantly into a room when it’s not being played. Korg’s RH3 keyboard, three pedals, and large-diameter speakers ensure a superb piano-playing experience and a rich and robust piano sound.


    A total of 30 expressive, high-quality sounds are built in, including piano and electric piano. Particular emphasis was placed on the electric piano sounds, which reproduce not only the way the tone responds to touch, but also the subtle noises that occur when a key is released. Six varieties are provided, covering the sounds widely used in pop music of the '60s and '70s.


    In order to reproduce the playing feel of an acoustic piano as closely as possible, the sound switches between four piano samples according to the player’s dynamics. From subtle touches to powerful crescendos, the sound will respond realistically to user input. Additionally, the LP-380 includes all three pedals normally found on a concert grand piano, including support for realistic half-pedaling on both the damper and soft pedals. These pedals are affixed to the LP-380 in the perfect position for a true piano playing experience


    A Layer Mode lets two sounds be played together, and a Partner Mode divides the keyboard into left and right regions so that two people can play the same range of pitches at the same time. This is useful not only for duets, but for teacher/student interaction. Two headphone jacks also make it convenient for two people to enjoy playing the LP-380 together. Nine different temperaments can be selected, some of which support historically authentic performances with period instrument ensembles.


    The amplifier (22W x 2) boasts the highest output in its class, properly reproducing expressive piano sounds with authentic, detailed tone and damper resonance. Two large-diameter 3.9” speakers are mounted inside the cabinet, allowing the sound to resonate for even richer depth. The speakers have been placed below the keyboard to create the sensation of sound enveloping the entire piano, for even greater realism.


    The Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keyboard reproduces the same playing experience as on a grand piano, with a heavier response in the lower register and a lighter response in the higher register. In addition, a Key Touch Control function lets the user choose one of three levels to specify how the performance dynamics will affect the sound.


    The Korg LP-380RW and LP-380BKR will be available in May 2014 at select retailers for a U.S. Street price of $1199. For additional product information: http://www.korg.com/LP380

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