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    Wave Alchemy Release Modern Guitar Tools

    By HC News |



    Wave Alchemy has announced the release of Modern Guitar Tools – a fresh and exciting collection of over 400 guitar loops including Funky disco loops, distorted French-house licks, creatively layered ensembles, wah-wah runs, palm-muted guitar, soundtrack/acoustic loops and much more…

    Download Press Package (free samples, demo's, hi-res artwork) 

    Expect to find a versatile selection of unique guitar loops, all expertly played and recorded live using a stunning collection of acoustic, semi-acoustic and electric guitars and a multitude of high-end microphones and amp combinations. 
    What’s included in the sample pack?


    405 24-bit, 100\% royalty free wav guitar loops and performances!

    • Distorted Guitar – 30 overdriven guitar licks, French-house style chords and heavy musical Riffs. Tempos ranging 120-127 BPM
    • Experimental & Percussion – 71 multi-layered ensembles, expressive percussive guitar, ethnic soundscapes, creative acoustic guitar layers and evolving melodic performances. Tempos ranging 65-140 BPM
    • Funk & Dance – Acoustic – 25 acoustic guitar loops, funky disco licks, Latin chords and more. Tempos ranging 120-127 BPM
    • Funk & Dance – Electric – 132 electric guitar loops, filthy disco house licks, funky filter-house stabs, jazzy chords and more. Tempos ranging 120-127 BPM
    • Palm-Muted – 25 palm-muted electric guitar loops and summery melodic riffs. Tempos ranging 120-127 BPM
    • Soundtrack & Acoustic – 98 guitar performances covering a wide range of styles including Jazz, Blues, soundtrack/film, pop, Latin, Spanish, classical guitar and more. Tempos ranging 70-165 BPM
    • Wah-Wah Guitar – 24 funky wah-wah and funky disco house loops. Tempos ranging 125-127 BPM

    Price: £27.95 ($46.00)

    This library was designed to be as flexible as possible, and we have therefore explored a wide range of playing styles,  genres and tempos including; funk/disco, wah-wah, palm-muted, classical guitar, distorted, soundtrack, and an impressive folder of creatively layered experimental guitar performances and percussion, perfect for inspiration or soundtrack/film applications.


    Product Page: http://www.wavealchemy.co.uk/modern\_guitar\_tools/pid108

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