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    GuitarStorage.com Unveils Special Edition Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Storage Rack

    By HC News |


    Elkins Park, PA

    GuitarStorage.com, a subsidiary of A&S Crafted Products, announces the release of its new "Special Edition" Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Rack. The Special Edition Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Rack features solid Red Oak rails and Sapele Mahogany sides adorned with herringbone inlay. This Special Edition Rack is the newest addition to A&S Crafted Products' diverse product line and offers the same benefits as the Company's other Studio Deluxe and Studio Standard Guitar Case Racks by providing guitar players and collectors a way to store and protect their guitars in their cases on an attractive, furniture-quality Rack while keeping their instruments quickly and easily accessible. Among its many benefits, the Rack promotes proper intonation of fine instruments, prevents the effects of temperature changes, dust, and UV rays, eliminates scuffed walls and crowded closets, and moreover, prevents the accidental toppling of cases.

    Founded in 2003, A&S Crafted Products manufactures high quality musical instrument storage solutions for guitarists, guitar collectors, and music and orchestra teachers. Karen Schwartz, partner and Advertising Director, states, “With the addition of our recently-released Carousel Multi-Guitar Stand, which features sapele mahogany, it was clearly evident to all of us that the beauty of this wood would be a wonderful new option for our ever-popular Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Racks. For customers who like both dark and light woods, this is the perfect hybrid of the two and will look great in rooms that have either or both wood tones. Besides its beauty, the Special Edition Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Rack is built with the same strength and beauty as our other Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Racks while offering a more diverse appearance."

    The Special Edition Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Rack is approx. 49" long X 37" high X 24" deep. A short version is also available, with a length of 37 1/2"

    The MSRP for the Special Edition Rack is $529.00, the Street Price is around $459.00. For more information, see the Company’s website at http://www.GuitarStorage.com

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