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    AxeTrak Introduces New Generation “PRO” Isolation Cabinet for Electric Guitar

    By HC News |

    JLH Technologies LLC, manufacturer of AxeTrak® premier isolation cabinets for electric guitar and bass is proud to introduce the new generation AxeTrak® “PRO”.

    JLH Technologies LLC, doing business as AxeTrak® is proud to introduce a new addition to their innovative line of isolation cabinets for electric guitar and bass. This new addition is the AxeTrak® “PRO” isolation cabinet for electric guitar. It is available now for pre-order on their website. This product makes it possible for anyone to record the sound of their guitar and amp at anytime without being heard by neighbors or family members.

    This revolutionary product offers several significant improvements over all previous models. The AxeTrak “PRO” features an improved internal microphone mounting assembly that lets the user easily adjust the microphone placement and angle throughout a 100-degree range. This improvement will provide unlimited options for recording electric guitar tracks. This model also features the new AxeTrak® “Rapture” speaker with true guitar voicing and extended frequency range. This speaker provides perfect tonal balance and is well suited for any style of music. The unit also incorporates a dual toggle switch that provides a passive bass boost and a passive treble boost. These two switches allow for even more tonal versatility and will give the user unlimited sound options and control.

    The AxeTrak® “PRO” does not use digital signal processing or amp modeling to create its tone. The main components of this device are the custom designed driver, and custom designed cardioid dynamic microphone. This device is 100% analog and produces an incredibly warm and natural tone.

    This small device, weighing just 20 pounds, provides a simple solution for any guitarist wanting to quietly record or mic their live setup. Simply connect the speaker jack of a guitar amplifier to the input of the unit and from there to a mixer or recorder. It’s just that simple. This model is capable of recording pristine clean tones, as well as heavy, tuned down overdriven tones. The XLR output connects directly to a recording console, mixing board, or computer soundcard. The audible sound radiating from the AxeTrak® “PRO” is that of a whisper, while the recorded sound coming from the low impedance XLR output is well balanced, full-bodied, and very articulate.

    Amazing things happen when a speaker is placed in a small sealed box. JLH Technologies has embraced those conditions and created a valuable and unique recording tool.

    For more information please contact JLH Technologies, LLC at 949-859-7293 or email info@axetrak.com



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