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    Two Notes Audio Engineering Announces Official Orange Cabinets Are Available Now

    By HC News |


    Two Notes Audio Engineering

    Official Orange cabinets are available now!
    A true Rock-n-Roll legend has embraced the Two notes Store.
    With the official Orange cabinets, rest assured to get iconic tones for your rig, thanks to the precise captures made by Celestion.
    7 cabinets from Orange, the legendary British amp manufacturer, are available.

    Everything from the mighty 4x12 cabinet to the compact yet powerful PPC112 cabinet.

    All come with Celestion speakers to guarantee rock-n-roll heaven.



    8 amazing microphones to choose from to have the best speaker soundin your TorpedoHarware or your Torpedo Wall of Sound.


    Place any microphone at the front or back of an Orange cabinet and freely move the mic to find your sweet spot.

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