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    Harkte TX300 300-Watt/5-Pound Bass Amplifier at NAMM

    By HC News |




    ANAHEIM, CA (January 25, 2018) – Hartke, an industry leader in bass amplification, launches

    the TX300 Bass Amplifier, a portable powerhouse for bass players, at NAMM 2018. The TX300

    features 300 watts packed into an aluminum chassis weighing only five pounds, and a flexible

    preamp with Hartke's Shape circuit for dialing up any tone. It’s the answer for bass players who

    need a compact amplifer that can meet the demands of any gig. The TX300 will be available in

    February 2018 at major MI retailers for $299.99.


    Complete Control


    The TX300’s preamp offers a 3-band EQ with Hartke's Shape circuit, providing enormous

    control over tone. The Drive knob allows users to add a subtle warmth to their sound or crank it

    up to complete fuzz. The onboard compressor can be dialed-up to even out note volume, add

    punch to the sound and protect the speaker cabinet from the hardest of finger-popping



    Enhanced Bass


    The Shape control is a contour filtering system designed to enhance the sound of bass

    instruments. When enabled, it allows the player to continuously sweep a filter through various

    frequencies to customize the effect of the curve for the specific tonal characteristics of their

    instruments. This curve provides moderate boost at certain frequencies and deep attenuation at





    Featuring an anodized aluminum chassis and weighing only five pounds, the TX300 is both

    rugged and ultra-portable. This Class D amplifier provides the tonal characteristics of traditional

    amps, minus the backbreaking weight. A balanced XLR direct output allows connection straight

    into a mixer, ideal for direct recording or performance venue setups. And with a headphone

    output and 1/8" (3.5mm) input for playing along with your tracks, the TX300 is equally at home

    in practice spaces as it is in studios or on the road.


    Product Features


    300-watt Class D bass amplifier that weighs 5lb

    Drive circuit for added distortion effect

    Variable compressor for increased dynamic control

    3-band EQ with Shape control

    1/4” active/passive input

    1/8” Aux input

    1/8” headphone output

    Balanced XLR direct output

    Output Mute switch

    Rugged anodized aluminum chassis

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