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  • Vibesware announces new collection of Guitar Resonators (Sustainers) for feedback

    By HC News |

    Vibesware announces the availability of the new collection of Guitar Resonators (Sustainers) for feedback playing.

    The GR-1 in silver/chrome finish with new Foot Controller is now available.
    As an additional feature, all GR-1's will be shipped now INCLUDING a new Foot Controller (Basic Foot Controller).

    The Advanced Controller with metal (die-cast) enclosure will still be available separately.

    The new collection still contains the compact model - the GR-Junior II.

    Guitar Resonators are high performance sustainers mounted on a stand providing string feedback at any sound volume.

    While mainly used as creative studio or home recording tool it also offers interesting new ways of feedback playing on stage.

    The guitarist has a total controls of feedback intensity and harmonics.

    The string driver allows single or multiple string feedback and can be used with every guitar without any modifications.

    The new playing technique is easy to learn and the guitarist has both hands free for normal playing. Basically its very

    similar to amp feedback playing but can be controlled much better. Guitar Resonators don't influence the guitar tone.

    They add natural feedback as basic note or harmonics on demand.

    If you like more information, please visit http://www.vibesware.com


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