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  • V-Picks Releases the New Memphis Guitar Pick

    By HC News |

    V-Picks releases the New Memphis Guitar Pick

    Description :

    1.5mm -

    1 3/16" tip to tip -

    This is the ultimate Blues pick!

    Curved to fit your thumb. Tone is amazing. Rhythms are smooth. Leads are fat and have lots of character.

    Alan got a little carried away with the equipment one day. He called me out in the shop and said "Check out this curve. A pick would feel good like this." He was right. This fits better than any old t-shirt or shoes I have ever owned.

    Every one of these are different. We throw out the ones that don't feel and look cool. Each of them are definitely a work of art.

    This is not a fast action pick. Shredders, this is NOT the pick for you. This is a pick you would use when you want to savor every note played. If you play guitar too fast in Memphis you'll get a butt whoopin'.




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