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  • This Book Goes To 11

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    Montclair, NJ (October 17, 2017) - Prettier than Poison, less hygienic than Mötley Crüe, deffer than Def Leppard, and braver than Bon Jovi, SPINAL TAP is THE greatest band EVER! They are better than those bands combined, times eleven-then multiplied by a million more and raised to the power of Hanoi Rocks plus Ratt. The numbers do not lie! Yes, when it comes to metal done heavy and loud, all you need are Hubbins, Tufnel and Small . . . and Shrimpton, Savage, Pepys, Childs, Pudding, etc.

    Now, for the very first time between non-satin sheets, SPINAL TAP: The Big Black Book offers fans the unique opportunity to dive deep into a cherished moment in time when all that mattered was a filthy power chord progression, ceaseless lyrical innuendo, and grubby long hair shampooed by the gods of metal and conditioned by the angels of mercy.
    The Big Black Book you are holding isn't just a book-it's an educational artifact! Inside this coveted collectible, you'll find:
    • Priceless, removable SPINAL TAP memorabilia, including promo posters, the Stonehenge Napkin, ticket stubs, and a Smell the Glove album cover!
    • A scratch-n-sniff card that captures the sights, sounds, and smells of a hardworking rock band on the road!
    • Iconic photographs of the band and rockumentary filmmaker Marty DiBergi!
    • Tracklists from every epic record!
    • "Tap Up Close" profiles of band members as you've never seen them before (except for you, Gregor, and it was just that once)!
    And that's not all. You'll also learn the dirty secrets surrounding Marty DiBergi's "rockumentary," THIS IS SPINAL TAP. Consistently cited as one of the most groundbreaking, important films ever made, THIS IS SPINAL TAP has achieved cult status around the world. Regardless, the entire band, their management, and many devoted fans describe it as a "horror film." Was DiBergi a filmmaker who made a seminal film about a hard-working rock band, or was he a beard-faced liar who exploited his heroes for money? You decide!
    All else aside, one thing IS clear. When it comes to touring the world and elsewhere, SPINAL TAP has been there, done that, and bought the tight-fitting Spandex t-shirts to prove it. Over their sixteen studio albums and dozens of what critics cruelly called "unnecessary" singles, SPINAL TAP has built a legacy that will continue far into the future-a future that may not contain any new compositions. Thankfully, the highly prolific tapestry of music they have bequeathed to us will not leave us yearning for any more. We've got enough.
    But enough of our yakkin'! Get your devil horns at the ready and take your bookshelf from stupid to clever with this fully loaded, officially authorized rock program!
    About the Author
    WALLACE FAIRFAX (Clitheroe, England) was not only the first British journalist to interview SPINAL TAP after the band's triumphant first gig (as SPINAL TAP) at London's Music Membrane in 1966, he was also the very first person to buy its debut album. In 1971, SPINAL TAP members invited Wallace to travel with them around the word to document their rise to the top. At somewhere around the middle, in 1972, Wallace left the rock 'n' roll lifestyle behind for a "proper job" (his wife's words). Since then, Wallace has remained SPINAL TAP's greatest friend, and fan, hence the band's asking him to write this book.
    SPINAL TAP: The Big Black Book
    Available at Backwingstore.com
    Backbeat Books Hardcover w/ Removable Facsimiles; October 2017
    Rock History/Film
    ISBN#: 9781495089404
    128 pages
     Facsimile removable memorabilia
    Color and B&W images throughout

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