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  • The Stellar Beginner Guitar Learning App From Justin Sandercoe And Musopia

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    The Stellar Beginner Guitar Learning App

    From Justin Sandercoe and Musopia




    Musopia and JustinGuitar are excited to announce the launch of the stellar beginners’ guitar learning app - Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course by FourChords.


    The app brings together the best parts of FourChords Guitar Karaoke by the mobile app development studio Musopia and the state-of-the-art Learning Path from Justin Sandercoe, the massively popular YouTube guitar teacher described by The Independent newspaper as ‘one of the most influential guitar teachers in history’. The soft launch on Goggle Play last weekend saw the app achieve an impressive 4.8 star rating.

    It seamlessly combines the great features of FourChords play-along song book with the Justin´s Learning Path method´s instructional videos, innovative exercises and an amazing collection of hit songs picked by Justin himself. Having honed his guitar teaching skills over more than twenty years Justin has received many accolades, including testimonials from Brian May and Tommy Emmanuel. The Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course distils the finest elements of his methodology into a fun and polished app experience.


    ‘When learning the guitar, it’s really important that it’s fun, and I designed the Learning Path in this app so the student learns just a couple of chords and then puts them to use making music with a backing track - something that most beginners find inspiring and awesome fun! We can then keep them interested while learning more chords, strumming patterns and skills and the better they get, the more they enjoy it.’ says Justin.


    The songs in the Beginners Course collection, handpicked by Justin, are displayed in the play-along style pioneered by FourChords with adjustable backing tracks and lyrics. They support the players’ learning experience and keep them engaged as they progress through the course, by the end of which, budding guitarists are able to play hundreds of awesome tunes like "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix and "Wonderwall" by Oasis.


    Topi Löppönen, Musopia’s founder explains ‘Musopia is working to create experiences that create a sense of accomplishment and help new players to learn to love guitar. The first moments of learning are tough sometimes, but by combining Justin´s knowledge on learning and our technological solutions, we created an interactive step-by-step course that is easy to follow and gets you playing real songs from the beginning.’


    The Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course by FourChords is now available for free on iTunes App Store and Google Play.


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