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  • R&M Tone Technology Launches PowerWire™ Active Guitar

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    R&M Tone Technology Launches PowerWire™ Active Guitar Cables 
    Analog cables feature built-in pre-amp for reduced noise and increased signal quality


    (The NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA, January 19, 2017) –– R&M Tone Technology™ announces the PowerWire™ family of patented active guitar cables. These new cables deliver clean, amplified, analog boost from the guitar’s pickups down to effects pedals and amplifiers. The cables’ internal, low-noise pre-amp greatly improves signal quality and reduces noise, allowing a truer representation of the instrument and its pickups. The resulting sound is bolder and more defined across the frequency range.
    PowerWire offers the same effect as adding active pickups to any guitar, but with extended battery life, no installation required, and instant results. A self-contained, battery-powered pre-amp built into the jack features circuitry that offers a bass response and high-end that surpasses many active pickups with greater response to the technique and intensity of the player. The circuitry is all-analog, delivering a cleaner, warmer sound and proven signal retention at cable lengths up to 100 feet.


    “Our experience in the lab shows that conventional cables are often quite restrictive in that they tend to cut off frequencies that really exist coming out of the coil,” says Michael Harney, President and CEO. “PowerWire releases the sound of your guitar or bass like never before by feeding exactly what’s coming out of the instrument downstream to the rest of your equipment through built-in pre-amplification, for a stronger, more dynamic sound with greater note definition.”


    PowerWire offers a significant and noticeable tone improvement even when compared with high-end cables. Four PowerWire cable models are available now, all with embedded low-noise amplification:


    Clean Boost CB6 offers clean boost with 6 dB gain and wide spectrum, and is a highly effective universal cable for vintage, standard and single-coil pickup electric guitars.


    Clean Boost CB0 offers clean boost with 0 dB gain and wide spectrum, and is best matched with high-output pickups, acoustic electrics and steel guitars.


    Super Sizzle (SS) features a sub-harmonic bass boost with longer sustain to give electric and bass guitars a richer, fuller spectrum of sound with a subtle sub-harmonic in the lower frequencies. The guitar’s volume control can be used to adjust the effect.


    Dynamic Distortion TS09 offers a classic distortion effect with wide spectrum. The guitar’s volume control can be used to adjust the effect.


    PowerWire features include:

    • Active guitar cable with patented U.S. made R&M circuitry
    • Clean flat boost from 20 Hz to 20 KHz w/0.5db flatness across spectrum, an industry first
    • Proven signal strength and spectrum retention even at cable lengths of up to 100 feet!  
    • Battery-powered pre-amp built into the jack
    • Reduced noise and increased signal quality across the frequency spectrum
    • Makes passive, ordinary cables sound dull in comparison
    • Has the effect of adding active pickups to any guitar connected with PowerWire

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    I heard the difference at NAMM......pretty cool...........They should aim their promo at the jazz crowd and pedal steel players who appreciate CLEAN sound with wider frequency response .....a little pricey, but anything that makes my playing sound better might be worth more than a new guitar.                               Ken W.



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