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  • Prostage introduces StageWire

    By HC News |

    MIDI connection and power supply for foot controller(s)


    via standard microphone cable






    Cala Millor, Spain – 10th March 2014 – Prostage proudly presents StageWire, a further development in MIDI technology, especially designed for rough use on stage.




    StageWire is a stage proof MIDI connection. It enables several devices, such as foot controllers, switchers and loopers, to communicate with each other in both directions (bi-directional) with only one standard microphone cable from device to device. StageWire is four times faster than MIDI. And it powers the foot controllers via the microphone cable. We chose the XLR connection due to its striking advantages:




         Safe connection between foot controller and amplifier/effect rack


         Spare cable available any time


         Extendable cord with locked plugs


         Power supply and bidirectional MIDI signal via one cable


         Up to 14 foot controllers can be interconnected directly (daisy chain)


         The connectors on the foot controllers are positioned in a way to prevent the plugs from damage by treading



    Via StageWire, Prostage´s foot controllers are connected directly to the XDS | XLS Loop & Switch system. If you are not using a Prostage looper and would like to connect a Prostage foot controller to your existing MIDI equipment, you can do so by using the XTMpro adaptor. All devices can be easily programmed, using the System Manager software for PC and Mac. The devices can be purchased directly from the online shop: www.prostage.eu






    Prostage’s aim is to provide guitar systems that process all signals inside the rack. So, the front of the stage only comprises remote control units. The Prostage MIDI foot controllers and Loop systems are built around Prostage's core development: the StageWire Technology, which is a stage-prove MIDI connection using a standard microphone cable. StageWire also includes phantom power for the foot controllers.




    Prostage was founded by Lukas Truninger, a Swiss experienced audio engineer. Lukas has worked with several international touring bands, such as Krokus, during the 1990s and early 2000s, gathering a wealth of experience which has contributed to many design details of Prostage devices. Today, Wolf Hoffmann from “Accept” and “Flyleaf”'s Jared Hardmann are only two of many guitarists successfully using Prostage products on their extended tours.




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