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  • Pêle-Mêle Works Presents “GUITAR FINGERS: Essential Technique in Pictures”

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    GUITAR FINGERS takes a deep dive into the mechanics of guitar technique with hundreds of pictures,

    diagrams, and exercises in an unprecedented level of detail.
    Pêle-Mêle Works releases “GUITAR FINGERS: Essential Technique in Pictures”, a modern guitar

    technique book laying out the foundations for indispensable technique of the left hand and the right hand.

    The book takes a step back in a guitarist's technical development to stop, break down, and analyse the mechanics of each technique under the microscope and pinpoint typical problem areas or overlooked aspects to work on. Over 250 colour pictures and diagrams illustrate the book and more than 200 short exercises isolate each technique with the goal of gradually developing or bettering the motor skills it calls for.

    Seasoned beginners will find the nuts and bolts of fundamental technique while intermediate and advanced guitarists will be able to (re-)examine theirs and make corrections. All will raise their awareness of the intricacies of guitar technique.

     TECHNIQUES: left & right hand posture, downstroke & upstroke, alternate picking, economy picking, sweep picking, hybrid picking, string skipping, chords, hammer-on/pull-off, slide & shift, string bending, vibrato, string muting

    ENABLING SKILLS (hand/finger): knuckle bending, independence, stretching, agility, strength/stamina, coordination, speed

    GUITAR FINGERS is available now. For more information, visit: www.pelemeleworks.com

    About Pêle-Mêle Works

    Pêle-Mêle Works develops and publishes music instructional products for students, teachers, and practising musicians, amongst which the CHEATSHEET MusicTM series, the MUSIC PAPER series, and Intervallic Fretboard.



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