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    Meet Aeon - A New Handheld Guitar String Sustainer

    By HC News |





    Meet Aeon


    It's gonna be famous for its sustain



    No, it's not the name of a friendly alien in your backyard but rather a cool, handheld string sustainer bursting with endless, fluid guitar tones. 



    Aeon lets you tap into a world of soaring bowed arpeggios, vibrantly-bouncing spiccato, volume swells, endless sustain, and sweeping legatos, easily mastered using different techniques.



    With powerful custom-made transducers, Aeon quickly excites your strings into rich, juicy sustained notes.

    Aeon is designed to have plenty of string clearance, so controlling the dynamics of each note is easy as pie. 

    The elegant single-button interface makes for lightning fast dynamic volume swells similar to the sounds created on bowed instruments but without the actual bow - or the horse hair.



    Learn more about this string-exciting development!



    Still not totally sure what a string sustainer sounds like?







    Aeon String Sustainer

    Powerful custom transducers

    Ergonomic design in brushed aluminum

    Auto-off after 8 minutes of inactivity saves battery

    Simple one-button interface

    Easy battery access (9V)



    Available Q2 2018


    Price $69.95 MAP





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