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  • Do You Need Twin Capos?

    By HC News |


    The best for both worlds!



    PRICE: TWCAPO-CR and TWCAPO-SBK: 14,50€ | SSP: $14,95


    Ortega Guitars ́ brand new TWINcapos are no one-trick-ponys! Both models cover flat freboards as well as curved fret- boards. Available in satin black/orange & gloss chrome/black they are QUICK CHANGERS between different fretboard shapes. You only have to turn the capo either way to the fretboard matching side and you are good to go. So you will never need two capos for different fretboards - Ortega Guitars TWINcapos save you space and money. Thanks to the light- weight aluminum construction and the easy to handle spring grip the Ortega Guitars TWINcapos can easily be attached and removed without bringing too much weight to the front end of your guitar. Available now in stores!


    Model Nrs.: TWCAPO-CR (Chrome) | TWCAPO-SBK (Satin Black) Specifications:

    • High-grade alloy

    • Covering flat & curved fretboards

    • designed for acoustic guitars, classical

      guitars (up to 52 mm nut) & electric


    • Available colors: Chrome & Satin Black

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