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  • D&A STARFISH™ The Floor Stand That Can’t Be Tipped Over

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    D&A Guitar Gear introduces the STARFISH™, a rock solid 5 legged, guitar stand with 2x the stability of a traditional stand.


    THOUSAND OAKS, CA (07/01/14) – D&A Rock Solid Stands and Hangers launches their groundbreaking floor stand the D&A STARFISH™ and STARFISH+™, five legged instrument stands that ensure twice the stability and are safe for all finishes. 

    With five rock solid legs, the D&A Starfish is the only guitar stand that musicians will ever need. Increasing the number of legs gives the Starfish and Starfish+ twice the stability of traditional stands, allowing musicians to rest assured that their instrument is always safe and secure. While other stands fall over with only 15 degrees of tilt, the D&A Starfish™ and Starfish+™ stands strong at a full 30 degrees of tilt giving musicians fewer reasons to worry. It all comes down to a stand that’s twice as stable and an instrument that’s 100% more secure.

    Providing even more confidence, both the D&A Starfish™ and the Starfish+™ are designed with the GRIP™ Neck System that virtually eliminates the possibility of instrument slippage. Using optimally spaced teeth that maximize the grip on most instruments, this system gives rock solid security without the added bulk or weight. The D&A Starfish+™ is equipped with gravity activated see-through polycarbonate HEADLOCK™ gates that surround the guitar head when you set down your instrument; keeping it secure at all times while flaunting your fretted friend.

    Fabricated to the specifications of elite collectors, the D&A Starfish ™ is designed to keep guitars in pristine condition. Utilizing special TPE plastic and archival grade fabric to cover all points of contact between the stand and a guitar, the D&A Starfish ™ and Starfish+™ make sure all instruments remain a masterpiece.

    With peace of mind also comes portability. The D&A Starfish™ and the Starfish+™ are designed to be taken on the road with ease. Able to fold in half in seconds, the D&A Starfish brings security, speed, and portability together into one simple package. Confident that one will never need to replace the D&A Starfish™ or Starfish+™, the stand comes with a lifetime guarantee.

    The D&A Starfish™ and the Starfish+™ works with all electric, acoustic, bass, classical, and 12 strings guitar as well as many other stringed instruments (with necks under 2 inches) and are now available for sale at http://www.heydna.com.



    D&A Guitar Gear began with a simple question: Why can’t there be music accessories that look great, work well and protect our instruments at the same time? With this, D&A was brought to life by a passionate group of musicians. The D&A Guitar Gear line is designed in the US and sold directly to guitar players worldwide providing smart, user-friendly, high quality design solutions at unbelievable prices. D&A is continuing to build its network of international distributors to make the products available to musicians all over the world. D&A Guitar Gear is a brainchild of RKS, a research, strategy and design firm. Read more and shop for gear at http://www.heydna.com.











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