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  • TRX Releases Five New Effects Cymbals

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    The TRX Cymbal Co. has introduced five new effects cymbals including three China-Splash cymbals and two sizes of heavy bells, called "T-Bells". The China-Splashes are available in 9" ($175), 10" ($200) and 11" ($225) sizes and, due to their medium weight and traditional, lathed finish, are part of the TRX MDM general purpose series. The cymbals provide a short, trashy sound that is a cross between a splash and china cymbal. The 7" ($250) and 9" ($350) T-Bells are large, extra-heavy bronze bells with a mirror-like finish that feature a clear, penetrating tone with a sharp attack and long sustain. While the instruments can be used in a variety of musical situations, they have recently become popular with many progressive, alternative, hardcore and metal drummers. TRX Cymbals are distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Direct Music Supply, 1-800-828-1601, sales@directmusicsupply.com.

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