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    NEXI Industries Showcase New Rock Starter Kit At NAMM

    By HC News |


    NEXI Industries Says ‘Let There Be Rock’ with Innovative Rock Starter Kit



    AMSTERDAM (Jan. 22, 2018) — The analog wizards at NEXI Industries are making a name for themselves by solving the problems that have plagued guitarists for generations. They take an insane amount of pride in the fact that they are always looking to provide the most convenient solution to guitar-playing frustrations. It is with this ethos that NEXI now offers their new Rock Starter Kit designed to get players shredding in record time.


    Offered at a reasonable €399.95 (approx. $490 USD), the Rock Starter Kit includes NEXI’s award-winning The Solution pedal board and three analog plug-and-play pedals forged in rock and designed to unleash their mighty power. The NEXI Delay, Overdrive, and Dutch Screamer effect pedals form the backbone of any serious rocker’s arsenal and are presented in the new special edition Urban Design.


    The Solution itself is a wonder of modern engineering. The completely waterproof (and by default beer-proof) board features a built-in tuner and boost with a massive light-up display. No more patch cables or power supply issues means more time playing and less time swearing at faulty gear.



    The all-inclusive Rock Starter Kit gives both beginners and seasoned players the best of both worlds—an easy-to-use pedal board combined with true analog tone pedals. No more fiddling with an effects processor with more options than the starship Enterprise or burning fingers on soldering irons for patch cables. With this innovative design and offering, NEXI’s engineers, the Vintage Analog Protection Squad, declare “Let there be rock!”


    Learn more by visiting NAMM Booth #4049 or online at https://nexi.eu/products/rock-pedal-board




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