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    New Four On The Floor From TC Electronic

    By HC News |


    TC Electronic



    Sonic Specialists


    A characteristic quartet of iconic vintage tones



    Most of the time all you need is your bread and butter 3-button overdrives, studio delays, and subtle reverbs but every once in a while, you need something special to nail the tone of your favorite artist or musical style.



    That's when you call in the specialists - highly specialized individualists who will excel at their specific task and make the whole picture come together. 



    With state of the art digital algorithms and high quality materials, these pedals are made for the gigging musician who needs sturdy high performance tone tools as well as the bedroom heroes looking for cool tones.



    Pre-order at Musician's Friend now!



    Get your hands on them in store exclusively at Guitar Center late Q1 2018.








    The Tone of 70’s Psychedelia


    With the characteristic warm tones of the vintage tape echo machines of old, Gauss Tape Echo epitomizes the rich psychedelic sounds of the 70s, but it also works perfectly for 50’s slapback, lifting your Scotty Moore licks into rockabilly heaven.






    King of the Whirl


    The swirly sixties vibe of a spinning speaker cone was immortalized by Hendrix, Harrison, and Trower, providing a sonic background to match their skills. Vibraclone Rotary accurately reproduces the old school whirl, melding the characteristic rotary modulation with some truly tasty saturation for a tornado of Texas tone á la SRV.






    The Sound of Surf


    The main ingredient of a solid surf guitar sound has always been a heavy spring reverb. Drip Spring Reverb is named after its ability to produce the unique “drip”-sound after picking a muted string on a reverb drenched amp. On subtle settings, Drip yields a wealth of reverb tones, providing a sense of substance and sustain to a clean tone.






    Architect of Ambience


    Fluorescence Shimmer Reverb puts the colossal, interstellar tones of Eno & Lanois at your disposal for an instantly grandiose orchestral guitar sound. And if by chance you spent the early 90s gazing at your shoes while constructing haunting soundscapes, Fluorescence will definitely pour a gallon of fresh fuel on your fire.



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