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    New Classic Fuzz Kit From BYOC

    By HC News |


    New Classic Fuzz Kit From BYOC




    We designed this to be extremely easy for beginners to build, yet sonically pleasing to even the most discriminating fuzz connoisseur.  The BYOC Classic Fuzz is a silicon transistor fuzz based on the incredibly simple Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face circuit.  We added a few minor "common sense" modifications to improve upon the original circuit, such as power filtering to reduce noise and add a tiny bit of voltage sag, an input resistor to help with overloading from hot pickups and to allow it to clean up nicely with your guitar's volume knob, and reduction of high frequency shrillness that comes from silicon transistors.  This gives the BYOC Classic Fuzz all the added gain and sustain of Silicon transistors, but the warmth and characteristics of Germanium transistors.  The addition of the BIAS knob and FULL/THIN/FAT switch modifications expand the range of tones from just your standard classic fuzz to weird, nasty, smooth, sustaining, gated, and just sheer fun-to-play fuzz joy.  Starting at $54.99 for the basic kit.  $64.99 for the kit shown with gold powder coat and silk screen print.  



    Click here for more info and to watch the demo video.


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