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  • Korg's Toneworks AX100G Multi-Effects

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    Korg introduces the AX100G their latest addition to the popular ToneWorks line of multi-effects products. The new AX100G is equipped with 80 multi-effects programs (40 preset programs and 40 user program locations) and 63 effects, plus a selection of features that include a built-in chromatic tuner, an Intelligent Pitch Shifter, a Phrase Trainer, an integral Expression Pedal that lets the player control 23 different types of effects in real time, and 50 PCM-based rhythm patterns.

    The new AX100G allows up to seven effects to be combined per multi-effect program and Korg's REMS technology (Resonant structure and Electronic circuit Modeling System) ensures that the unit's effects are of the highest quality. Each multi-effects program features two changeable drive channels, allowing the player to switch between the clean and distorted mode without having to switch to another program. The Effect Select Mode can be used in conjunction with this feature for instant on/off switching of modulation and ambient effects. A cabinet resonator, which simulates a speaker cabinet, is also included for direct recording or P.A. use.

    A wide selection of essential effects, such as distortion, chorus, flanger and delay (with tap tempo switch settings) are included, plus more esoteric effects such as Slow Attack and an Intelligent Pitch Shifter. In addition, the AX100Gs unique Virtual Feedback effect makes it possible for the player to create and control feedback at any volume level. By using the Expression Pedal in conjunction with the Virtual Feedback effect, the guitarist can grab and hold a note, and bring it up one octave. Vibrato can also be added. An easy-to-read, backlit, seven point LED indicator shows how much feedback and vibrato are being added to the original signal.

    The AX100Gs Sample and Play function lets the player record up to six seconds of audio, which can be looped or reverse looped, and played back using the Expression Pedal. Its Phrase Trainer can record up to eight seconds of an instrument or external audio, and reduce the speed by up to 25% without changing the pitch.

    The AX100G is housed in a sturdy, yet lightweight package, and comes with three footswitches and an integral Expression Pedal. A 1/4" Line/Headphone output is provided for easy connectivity. The unit may be powered by four AA batteries for up to 12 hours of continuous use or via the optional AC adapter.

    The ToneWorks AX100G will be available in October, 2000 with a suggested retail price of $250.00.

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