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  • Hartman Electronics Announces SFZ™ Dual-stage Hybrid Fuzz Effects Pedal

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    Hartman Electronics announces the release of its SFZ Dual-stage Silicon-Germanium hybrid Fuzz pedal (US$279.99).

    The Hartman SFZ brings two classic fuzz circuits together in a single pedal. Starting with a pair of meticulously crafted clones of the original Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face circuit, the SFZ stacks 2 stages of fuzz end-to-end using gain-selected Germanium and Silicon transistor pairs (NOS NKT275 and BC108, respectively).

    Each fuzz stage has its own Fuzz and Volume controls, heavy-duty true-bypass footswitch, LED indicator, and may be selected individually or combined as a pair for greater depth, detail, tonal coloration and sustain. Both fuzz stages respond exceptionally well to touch, player dynamics, changes in guitar volume--and to each other. Split internal 18v power with power kill switch permits mixing and matching carbon-zinc and alkaline batteries for even more tonal options.

    Optional Internal Bias Trim is available for either or both fuzz circuits. Other options available include the Mayer-Hendrix mod (Germanium stage), an inter-stage Level/Trim control and hybrid pairing of Germanium and Silicon within a single stage.

    Hartman SFZ pedals are transistor-matched and assembled to order in the USA.


    • 100% hand wired, bench tested and auditioned prior to shipping
    • Mil-spec plated-thru-hole printed circuit board (PCB) construction
    • Genuine NOS Germanium NKT275 and Silicon BC108 transistors pre-screened and selected for low leakage, proper, and thermal stability
    • 5% carbon composition resistors
    • Heavy duty true-bypass switching
    • Reverse-polarity protection
    • External power-switch. No need to unplug the input jack to turn it off
    • Metallic Silver powder-coated heavy-duty die-cast aluminum enclosure
    • RF Shielded
    • Dual ON/OFF LED indicators--amber for Germanium, green for Silicon
    • Ships with (2) new carbon-zinc 9v batteries


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