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  • BBE Introduces The DI-400 Active DI Rack And Supa-Charger Effects Pedal Power Supply

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    New from BBE Sound, the DI-400 active DI rack is a professional 4-channel active DI box for touring sound applications and recording studios. Its major advantage over other high-end rack mounted DI's on the market is the built-in Sonic Maximizer processor on each channel employing the BBE 4th generation processing engine, also found on the company's 482i and 882i Sonic Maximizer models.

    The DI-400 yields excellent results with active or passive bass guitars, keyboards and both acoustic and electric guitars. It is also an excellent choice for transferring any musical instrument signal direct to a mixing console. With rear outputs and front inputs, the DI-400 allows it to be permanently wired and rack mounted in a touring rig or recording studio effects rack.

    Other features are phase reverse, ground lift, XLR balanced mic level output and -15dB input pad, plus 5 year warranty.


    The Supa-Charger is a universal, high performance power supply for pedals. Included in the package are eight isolated, regulated and filtered outputs; a torroidal transformer for a zero hum performance, plus a selectable input voltage (110-220) that enables the Supa-Charger to be used worldwide.

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