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  • Zildjian Adds Three New Drumstick Models To Its World-Class Artist Series Collection

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    The Avedis Zildjian Co. is proud to announce that two of its newest Drumstick Artists have designed their own models. The John Blackwell (Prince/Justin Timberlake), and Ronnie Vannucci (The Killers) Artist Series Models are now shipping to stores around the world.

    John Blackwell's power and drive are legendary and his new Artist Series Drumstick model is the perfect complement. At 16 1/8 inches long and a 0.57 inch diameter, John's stick features a beefy neck and short taper to give his stick power up front for funk and R&B. The wood barrel tip is a heftier shape that helps to create deep rounded sounds from cymbals and drums. Crafted from 100% U.S. Hickory, John's stick also features artwork that represents his style and a tribute to his daughter, Jia. Blackwell commented, "These sticks are great in any style of music, rock, jazz, funk, hip-hop, etc. The weight, length and the strength of this stick are perfect for me. This stick gets a big fat cigar!"

    While recording The Killers' latest album, Ronnie Vannucci still found time to work with Zildjian to design his Artist Series model. At 16 inches long and with a diameter of 0.610 inches, Ronnie's drumstick is geared for the player that wants a larger sized stick for something to hold on to. Crafted from Maple though, this model gives the player all the heft without the weight of hickory and is extremely well balanced. It features an oversized barrel tip for very good articulation even at low volumes, and artwork hand-drawn by Ronnie himself.

    Ronnie commented, "After many years of painstaking research and development, the good people at Zildjian and I have delivered the most technologically advanced piece of wood, ever! Ladies and gentlemen, introducing... The Ronnie Vannucci Stick!"

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