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  • Zero-G release Nexus – Experimental Drum n Bass

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    If you're looking for a Drum n Bass library that gives you the ability to lend a huge variety of moods to your tracks then this latest sample collection from Zero-G will hit the spot!

    Containing nearly 2 gigabytes and over 650 samples of cutting edge sounds in stunning 24-bit audio, Nexus is more than just a simple drum n bass library and can be used in almost any modern music genre including film and television production. Almost every possible mood is presented to the user in this library ranging from fast paced hard hitting drum riffs through to piano atmospheres that convey a spine tingling feeling of emotion.


    All Nexus tracks have been carefully crafted and wherever possible, the samples have been broken down into individual elements allowing the user to maximize the sonic palette available.


    All the loops are sample-accurate at 170BPM in an 8-bar structure which allows total flexibility to mix & layer together any combination of sounds which helps facilitate endless sonic fusions. The sounds are mastered to a high-quality and include enough passion to satisfy the demands of any media project where inspired & moving output is the key.


    This library goes so much further than mere genre. Nexus is about excitement, about passion, and about a creative force that has produced some of the best sounds to hit the street in a long time.


    The Nexus library will give you the edge required to help provide the statement and impact needed in a saturated market of hum-drum sounds!


    RRP: £59.95 / €89.00


    For full details and demos visit:



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