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  • Zenhiser Releases Ultra Techno Drum Kit 01 and 3 New Pure House Drum Titles

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    Zenhiser Delves Deep Into Techno Drum Sounds Ultra Techno Drum Kit 01

    Delving deep into the realms of minimal techno and deep techno, this incredible drum kit delivers over 230 of the most up-to-date techno drum sounds. With a massive percussion and techno FX library, this techno drum kit gives a new reach to your techno and minimal techno productions. Ultra Techno Drum Kit 01 is the perfect collection of brand new techno drum sounds, super tight techno kicks, sophisticated hi-hats, snappy techno snares, eclectic tech percussion, and essential techno FX. We're sure Ultra Techno Drum Kit 01 will become an all-out favorite here at Zenhiser and a regular within your techno productions and remixes. This is a must for all serious techno and minimal techno producers. Check it out here: http://www.zenhiser.com/products/Ultra-Techno-Drum-Kit-01.html Pure House Drum Hits Gets 3 New Additions

    Continuing on with our ever-popular series of house drum sounds, Part 04 brings another onslaught of killer house kicks, house hats, house snares & house claps. Designed to give your house music the punch and quality it needs, each sample pack (Pure House Kick Drums, Pure House High Hats, Pure House Snares Claps) is comprised of 40 essential house drum samples in their specific style so you can pick just house kicks, house hi hats, house snares & house claps — or all three sample packs! For only $7.99 AUD per sample pack, you can not go wrong with this house drum sample collection. Trust us, you won't be disappointed Check them out here:http://www.zenhiser.com/categories/Drum-Sounds/House/

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