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  • Zenhiser Releases the 'Psy Trance Construction Kit' & Two New Minimal Tech Drum Beat Sample Packs

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    The Ultimate Psy Trance Sample Collection

    This is our first tightly packed construction kit and boy have we got a belter to start off with. 'The Psy Trance Construktion Kit' gives exactly what it says on the box whilst delivering at the highest quality possible. Not only is this Psy Trance Construction Kit packed full with over 300 brand new psy trance samples but the quality of these trance samples is second to none. Incredible synth loops, pulsating basslines, morphing pads & textures, snappy drum fx, eclectic synth hits, pounding drum loops, mesmerizing sound fx and an incredible collection of psy trance drum sounds sets this sample pack a cut above the rest. The Psy Trance Construktion Kit also combines a broad collection of psy trance samples catering for juts about all producers in the psy trance genre. Honestly this sample pack is great, really great. Just have a listen to the preview to hear what we are talking about. Link: http://www.zenhiser.com/products/The-Psy-Trance-Construktion-Kit-01.html Twisted Electro House Basslines

    Another Awesome Electro House Bassline Collection From Zenhiser. We've released quite a few electro house basslines in the last couple of years and this brand new pack sits perfectly within the rest. Delving straight into the dirty bass synth sound 'Twisted Electro House Basslines 01' delivers 31 catchy as hell electro house bass loops that will drop perfectly into any electro house track. Twisted Electro House Basslines also pushes the boundaries a little further with some all new electro house bass loops programming, resulting in some really funked up bass loops that shuffle and pitch all over the place. If you're looking for electro house basslines that are simply fat, crunchy, twisted and driving then you've come to the right place. Link: http://www.zenhiser.com/products/Twisted-Electro-House-Basslines-01.html 'Pure Minitech DrumBeats 01 & 02'

    Need Some Minimal Tech Beats To Freshen Your Grooves? In conjunction with our 'Pure Minitech Basslines' sample packs, these exclusive minimal tech drum beats set new standards in minimal programming. Fitting just as well under the groove loop section these minimal tech beats create a fundamental groove and sound to your minimal and tech tracks. Sometimes getting the ball rolling with your latest minimal or tech track can take hours of programming, adjusting and sound selecting, with 'Pure Minitech DrumBeats 01 & 02' we do all that work for you. Once purchased just browse these seductively minimal beats, pick your groove and drop it perfectly into your minimal tech production, it's that easy. Trust us, these minimal tech beats are great. Link: http://www.zenhiser.com/categories/Drum-Loops/Minimal-%7B47%7D-Tech/

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