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  • Zenhiser Offers Ultra 80's Drum Beats and Funky Tech Samples & Loops

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    'Ultra 80's Drum Beats'

    When it comes to 80's samples and loops Zenhiser has one of the most extensive collections, and 'Ultra 80's Drum Beats' adds a truly authentic selection of 80's beats to the 80's sample library. Designed and crafted specifically to capture the 80's movement, groove and complete essence of the 80's music scene. Nearly all the 80's drum loops within this collection were constructed using our Ultra 80's Drum Kit and Pure 80's Drum Sounds. We then sprinkled those spanking new 80's beats with the right reverbs, compression, mastering tools and a touch of Zenhiser magic…giving way to one of the most professional 80's drum beat collections to date. The eighties sound has pretty much established itself into today's dance music scene ensuring sample packs like Ultra 80's Drum Beats will feel right at home within the latest club, house, tech house, maximal and electro house productions. With every 80's beat created, looped and mastered in high quality 24 bit, 44.1 khz wav format this is a collection of 80's loops that should not be missed. These 80's beats are simply awesome so check out the previews, then download the packs and get your eighties neon club wear out cos we're bringing back the 80's drum sound…big time! Link: http://www.zenhiser.com/categories/Drum-Loops/80%27s-%7B47%7D-Eighties/ 'The TechFunk Construktion Kit 01'.

    The next in our construktion kit series is 'The TechFunk Construktion Kit 01'. An incredible collection of over 320 of the latest tech, tech house & minimal tech samples and loops. This brand new construktion pack is a must for any producers looking to upgrade their tech sounds quickly, delivering a brand new tech drum kit, drum loops, basslines, synth loops, sound fx and more. As the name suggests 'The Tech Funk Construktion Kit' pushes it's direction towards the more groovier side of tech music. This liberates a whole new feel with the exclusive tech samples and loops giving select producers a brand new addition to their sample libraries. If you like your tech samples tasty, funky, deep and sweet then check out this tech fueled preview to hear what we're talking about. Link: http://www.zenhiser.com/products/The-Tech-Funk-Construktion-Kit-01.html

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