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  • Yellow Tools Releases Percussion Instrument

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    With over 9GB (2 DVDs) of sounds, Culture is s massive collection of world, ethno, orchestral and industrial percussion instruments. The essential sonic details of each instrument have been captured in order to make Culture sound real. Each instrument was sampled using every playing technique ... 16 unique velocities per note for left AND right hand. Play crisp bass tones at the center of a djembe drum by playing the middle keys, then work your way out to the outer keys for some serious rimshots.

    Culture includes a full range of percussion instruments such as: djembes, tamdrums, udus, darabukas, shakers, barrels and cans, framedrums, orchestral timpani, orchestral snares, cymbals, tonal gongs, chimes, bongos, congas, claps,

    Culture is presented in an intelligent user interface that works as a plug-in with virtually any audio sequencer host, eliminating the need for a hardware sampler. Culture is optimized for the simultaneous use of several thousand sound samples. The audio engine makes it easy to alter the whole sound or single notes for individual manipulation.

    Culture comes packaged with:

    • PC: VST 2.0
    • MAC: VST 2.0, MAC OS 9 & MAC OS X, RTAS MAC OS 9 (***MAS, RTAS OS X & AU for free download when available)

    Yellow Tools Culture is a 2 DVD (plus installation disc) Box Set. U.S. List Price: $399.00.

    Distributed by EASTWEST.

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