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  • Yellow Matter Entertainment Introduces Steven Slate Drums Sample Library

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    Introducing Steven Slate Drums from Yellow Matter Entertainment, a new drum sample library made for the professional mixer. Steven Slate has been making drum samples for some of the industry's top professionals for years, and now he brings his collection to the masses in a multi velocity, multisampled library.

    The drum library, which is currently shipping with both Drumagog GOG format and raw 24-bit WAV format on one disc, boasts a number of unique features:

    • Each drum is sampled in three unique room environments known as the "Z" system. The Z1 set is the standard set, with a bit of overhead micing to give a punchy and dimensional sound. The Z2 set is a stereo set which has heavily compressed and eq'd room mics added in to create a larger then life sound that will stay huge sounding even in dense mixes. The Z3s are ultra dry and aggressive sounding
    • Each sample set has been eq'd and compressed to perfection in actual mixes with the finest of both vintage and modern gear. The samples were tested in actual mixes and further tweaked, so that little to NO extra processing is required. The samples penetrate mixes with punch and bigness.
    • The "virtual drum locker" consists of many famous sounding drums that fit all styles of rock, pop, and metal. Some drums are sampled with different compression chains, different dampenings, and different tunings for ultra flexibility and variety.

    Specifications: 24-bit, 44.1khz mono and stereo drum samples in WAV and DRUMAGOG GOG format.


    Free Upgrades include: Cymbal Pack, Sampler Mappings for all of the popular software samplers, expected March 2007.

    Now shipping, $209.00.

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