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  • Yamaha DTX502 Series Electronic Drum Sets Sound and Play Better Thanks to Laser Technology

    By HC News |

    Yamaha today premiered its revamped DTX502 electronic drums at Summer NAMM 2013. Based on the award-winning DTX-PAD, the new kits feature numerous innovations, including redesigned tom pads, a lighter-weight steel rack and a brand new drum trigger module that is more powerful than anything else in its class.


    With almost twice the wave ROM and more than 250 additional sounds than the previous model, the new DTX502 drum trigger module is the first to incorporate drum and cymbal samples from top VST developers that have been optimized for DTX by Yamaha’s sound engineers. For truly customized sounds and songs, the system lets users import audio samples and MIDI files for further expandability.

    During the development phase, Yamaha created proprietary laser technology to analyze drum strokes and precisely tune the trigger settings, so that the playing experience on each of these sets provides a more natural feel. The new series also includes advanced features from the higher-end DTX models, such as cymbal muting, natural swells and smoother snare drum rolls.

                    “Most of the changes to the new DTX502 series need to heard and felt to be fully appreciated,” said Athan Billias, Director of Marketing, Yamaha Corporation of America, Pro Audio & Combo Division. “There’s a lot more than meets the eye involved with this upgrade, and drummers will be impressed when they get behind these new kits.”

                    The new DTX502 module has a streamlined front panel layout and features plug and play USB connectivity to a computer. The new design allows the DTX502 to be easily mounted to acoustic drum hardware using a standard multi-clamp (such as the Yamaha CSAT924A) for use in a hybrid acoustic-electronic drum set.

    The DTX502 series includes new training and educational functions for drummers to improve their playing, at any skill level. With eight practice routines that help develop rhythmic timing, pad accuracy and drumming endurance, the system calculates a score after each session so that drummers can track their progress.

    The DTX522K, the most affordable model in the series, includes the three-zone XP80 8” DTX-PAD snare and three newly designed TP70 7.5” tom pads. The new TP70 pad is softer and quieter, yet more expressive than the previous model. This kit, which comes with three-zone, choke-able ride and crash cymbals, showcases another technological first in electronic drumming – a three-zone hi-hat pad. The kit’s new RS502 rack system uses steel pipes to offer solid performance and flexible setup options in a lightweight package.

    The next kit in the lineup, the DTX532K, uses the same drum pads and rack system as the DTX522K but features an upgraded hi-hat and two large PCY135 13” three-zone choke-able cymbal pads. The RHH135 vertical motion hi-hat pad, which mounts to the included Yamaha HS650A hi-hat stand, provides a setup that more closely matches an acoustic kit.

    The top model in this series is the new DTX562K, which includes the 13” cymbals and real hi-hat pad, upgrades the toms to an all-DTX-PAD configuration with three XP70 7” pads so that playing the kit feels comfortable for even the most demanding acoustic drummer.          

    Pricing and availability: The DTX562K (MSRP: $2,637), DTX532K (MSRP: $1,732) and DTX522K (MSRP: $1,507) are now shipping.

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