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  • Tycoon Releases New Drum Hardware Line

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    Tycoon’s new percussion tables, racks, and drumset hardware put contemporary percussion sounds within drummers’ reach.


    In addition to its extensive collection of pro-quality, mounted percussion instruments, Tycoon Percussion now offers a complete, affordable line hardware of that allows drummers and percussionists to position these popular instruments within easy reach of their sticks and hands. The industry leader’s 2010 catalog features a variety of clamps and arms for mounting percussion effects on existing stands, a bracket that connects percussion instruments to any standard bass drum pedal and accessory percussion racks, including a mountable model with a universal clamp that accommodates four accessories and a free-standing version that can hold a combination of up to a dozen mountable percussion instruments.




    Tycoon’s new percussion tables are available in large (TPT-L) and small (TPT-S) sizes and are recommended for all types of drummers and drumming situations. The trays are attached to height-adjustable, heavy-duty, double-braced stands and feature padded surfaces that can accommodate multiple accessory percussion instruments, sticks and mallets as well as electronic multi-pads and laptop computers.


    Along with a wide assortment of Tycoon’s mountable and hand-held percussion instruments, Tycoon Percussion hardware is available at local and online drumshops and music dealers everywhere. For further information, please see your authorized Tycoon Percussion dealer or check their website: www.TycoonPercussion.com

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