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  • Tell Your Bass Drum Pillow To Get A Grip

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    Pillow Talk, LLC has just released two new videos that explain and demonstrate the concept, installation and application of the KickPro (patent-pending) weighted, gripping bass drum pillow. The videos feature Los Angeles-based drummer, drum-tech and KickPro inventor Jon Nicholson and cover Jon’s development of the bass drum muffling device as well as how to install and position it in bass drums for a variety of muffling effects.


    Introducing The KickPro Bass Drum Pillow:



    Installing And Using The KickPro Bass Drum Pillow: 



    Used by top professional drummers, the KickPro pillow was developed to answer the needs of real-life, studio-recording challenges. It carries a retail price of $59.95 and is available at drumshops everywhere. For information visit www.kickpropillow.com or email info@kickpropillow.com. For sales contact sales@kickpropillow.com, 818-751-3257.

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