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  • Studio and Vinyl Drums CD-ROM for ASR-X

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    Sound Engineering, a sound and sample design firm founded in 1991, is proud to announce the availability of a new ASR-X CD-ROM. The new CD-ROM is available at a special introductory price of just $89.95.

    "These drum sounds are a perfect match for the ASR-X," said Noam Sane, head Gizmologist. "Many have the compression and EQ profile that only hits sampled from vinyl can provide. On top of that, there are complete set of stellar studio-sampled stereo drums as well! You can't go wrong!"

    Studio and Vinyl Drums, which is shipping now, is a fantastic collection of new material for ASR-X owners. This disk turns an ASR-X or an ASR-X Pro into the drum module that most people dream of.

    Studio and Vinyl Drums is a collection of studio and vinyl sampled drums layed out in Ensoniq and Production Map formats for easy access and inspiration. Over 400 individual studio-sampled stereo drum hits are on this disk.

    Example Banks: Dance Perc Map, Crash Map, Kick Map, Hats Map, Tom Map, Snare1 Map, Snare2 Map, R&B Drums, Studio Kit 1, Studio Kit 2, Vinyl Kit.

    Each bank requires at least 8MB sample RAM installed, and a SCSI CD-ROM or ZIP drive.

    Sound Engineering has been a sound design firm since 1991, and is the premire sound design company supporting the ASR-X. It also offers intense support for AKAI, Kurzweil, Peavey, Roland, Oberheim, Sequential, Yamaha, and Peavey products. It offers a full line of synth patches, sampler floppies, and CD-ROMs.

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