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  • SOL Percussion Returns

    By HC News |

    The distinguished California brand is back in business


    SOL's USA Pro line is crafted in Oxnard, California and features several

    patent-pending design innovations


    Experience, practice, time - for some things there are no substitutes. SOL's founder, Akbar Moghaddam, has designed hundreds of critically acclaimed percussion instruments and overseen the production of thousands more. One of the few people able to take a stack of lumber and metal and fashion any of several instruments by hand, Akbar remains the guiding force of SOL today. Now, the company reemerges with a new life and new spirit. Dedicated to the art of hand percussion and fueled by a passion to make instruments better than ever before, Akbar and SOL are proud to introduce a new generation of percussion instruments. Big on ideas and steeped in the details, SOL has firm grasp on tradition, but also an eye towards the future.

    Learn more about SOL Percussion and our products at www.solpercussion.com.

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