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  • Simmons Delivers Premium Value Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit

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    Simmons Delivers Premium Value
    SD550 Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit

    fa73fd84-e82a-4315-9029-b909c9db4f23-cad7a283.jpg.29c2f236f2c4c6050b83e6b733f6623f.jpgThousand Oaks, CA - September 2017...  
    Following up on the success of its breakthrough SD2000 mesh-head electronic drum kit, Simmons has introduced the SD550 full-sized, five-piece, mesh-head electronic drum kit. Advanced, tension-able mesh pads with variable attack response technology enable expressive performance and nuanced playability.
    The SD550 offers an extremely realistic drum configuration, including a 10-inch, dual-zone, dual-ply snare; three 8-inch, dual-ply mesh tom pads; a 10-inch crash cymbal with choke; a 12-inch ride cymbal; and a 10-inch hi-hat pad with pedal. The kick pad module includes a built-in pedal with a no-slip grip. It all mounts on a rugged steel rack with robust, custom T-fitting and extra-stable rubber feet.
    Simmons' Variable Attack Response (V.A.R.) technology enables better playability and performance. With V.A.R., you get intelligent sample playback, and pads respond differently based on dynamics. In addition, it offers round-robin alternating samples on snare and ride cymbal.
    95dcff42-e3d8-498b-a7f9-552ff8abbf54-a75d9087.jpg.b025aaf168acbda8c8d28b6b6919b6b0.jpgWith 64 MB of sample ROM, totaling 352 superb drum sounds in 50 kits, the SD550's sound module delivers the drum sounds you need for virtually any musical genre. Jazz, pop, blues, rock-this 64-voice polyphonic module can do it all. You get 60 songs with 60 customized drum patterns to help you practice, plus two demo songs. The SD550 sound module looks great, too, with a sleek new design, easy navigation, and a 16-character, backlit, blue LCD screen. It even offers a detachable stick rest.
    The sound module sports eight trigger inputs on a multi-pin connector for clean cable management and connects to a computer via a USB/MIDI connection. A stereo, 1/8-inch TRS input connects audio from an MP3 player or other media player.
    "The SD550 is an outstanding instrument that also is an amazing value," observes Simmons Product Manager Jim Norman. "You normally don't find features like this except in far more expensive kits. Whether you're rehearsing, practicing, gigging, or recording, you'll love the SD550."
    The Simmons SD550 Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit is available now at a street price of $549.99. For more information visit www.simmonsdrums.net or your favorite music retailer.


    About Simmons Drums
    The first name in electronic drums, Simmons has been at the forefront of innovation for more than 40 years, offering the finest in cutting-edge, feature rich kits. From touch-sensitive pads and selectable velocity curves to the most extensive MIDI and USB implementation, Simmons has always been a leader in the electronic drum experience. To learn more, visit www.simmonsdrums.net or your favorite music retailer.

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