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  • SessionLoops Classic Rock Multi-Track Drum Loops featuring Simon Phillips now available for download

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    Previously only available as a CD set, the  SessionLoops Classic Rock Multi-Track drum loops collection, featuring  Simon Phillips, is now available as a complete download direct from  www.sessionloops.com - in Apple Loops and ACID WAV formats.


    Recorded at Woodcliff Studios in LA, the  Multi-Track loop collection includes nearly 1GB of material, with  hundreds of loops organized by style and tempo into 34 Drum Session  folders. Each 'loop' is split into five tracks - Kick, Snare, Hats, Room  and Tom/Overheads, enabling you to quickly and easily create your own  custom drum mix.


    The collection covers a wide range of tempos  and each of the 34 Drum Session folders evokes a particular song or  drummer - from AC/DC-style rock, through to full on Zep-style grooves.  Each loop is labelled 'Verse', 'Chorus' etc., providing a fast labeling  system that allows you to build drum tracks for songs quickly and  easily.


    In addition, a full Multi-Track single hit library is also included.


    The Multi-Track collection is priced just $19.95.


    The original Stereo Loop collection is also available from the SessionLoops website.


    Visit the downloads page at www.sessionloops.com

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