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  • SABIAN Introduces the Fastest Cymbal Bag EVER!

    By HC News |

    The innovative Fast Hat Pocket design gets drummers in and out of gigs faster without removing the high hat clutch.

    jpeg-3dcef4b4.jpg.af173a9bca2b49cc8aa1e920b6e8ea90.jpgMEDUCTIC, NEW BRUNSWICK – Making it faster for a drummer to get in and out of a gig is the focus of the new cymbal bag collection from SABIAN Performance Accessories.  The new bags feature the patent pending, Fast Hat Pocket. With this special front pocket and it’s built in clutch support, drummers can now transport their top hi-hat without removing the clutch, saving time and avoiding lost hi-hat clutches.  
    The Fast Hat Pocket is available on SABIAN’s new Fast 22 and Pro 22 cymbal bags. Both are designed for cymbals up to 22” with upgraded materials and a sleek, simple design. The Fast 22 is a backpack-style cymbal bag, further supporting a drummer’s need for speed. The Pro 22 includes wheels and an easy pull, retractable handle. A special dynamic padding system called Edge Protect is also part of the Pro 22 providing added safety to a drummer’s valuable cymbal collection.  
    jpeg2-5b3116a7.jpg.51a3027b65375f65bd7b4f3d9b4dcf27.jpgMSRP: FAST 22 $110.00 USD
    PRO 22  $180 USD
    For more information on SABIAN accessories, please visit www.sabian.com
    About SABIAN Performance Accessories
    SABIAN was founded in 1981, when Robert Zildjian - one of the world's great names in cymbal making came to the conclusion that drummers needed a better choice of cymbals. Unsatisfied with the quality, the sound and the very relevance of the cymbals being manufactured at the time, he opened SABIAN in the small eastern Canadian village of Meductic, New Brunswick.  Today, with offices and depots around the globe, and distribution into approximately 120 countries, SABIAN is exactly what Bob Zildjian and his family envisioned back in 1981. But it's really only the beginning. As musical styles and tastes are continually evolving, so is the art of cymbal making. And no company is better positioned to meet the demand for innovative sounds from artists around the globe. Ask any employee why SABIAN exists, the answer is obvious: "Because Sound Matters!"  www.SABIAN.com jpeg3-85d4ca2a.jpg.101589d1fb78dcd835d28a06866a66c0.jpg

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