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  • Sabian Introduces New Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals

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    Created specifically for practice sessions, Quiet Tone Practice cymbals by SABIAN are designed to respond and feel like traditional cymbals – right down to their clearly defined bell – so drummers won’t have to change the way they play. Drummers will appreciate their greatly reduced sonic footprint at practice sessions, drum lessons or any time they need quiet cymbals.



    Because other practice cymbals often sound muffled and provide little-to-no sustain, drummers tend to hit much harder during practice sessions than they would during a performance – a situation SABIAN wanted to avoid.  Quiet Tone cymbals are designed to remedy this problem: not only do they respond and feel true-to-life, they produce a distinct, clearly defined bell tone, offering drummers a much more accurate and natural playing environment.



    Available in 4 box sets with 4 popular cymbal configurations, Quiet Tone cymbals are manufactured from a tough, durable alloy that resists dents and stains, while looking great on any kit. Quiet Tone Cymbals will be available in January 2018.








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